This unexpected  reboot in the system has catapulted us into a new paradigm at various levels: economic, social and personal. Many brands are recreating themselves, arranging strategies that help not only their employees and their customers, but also their partners and other citizens (including abroad). Is it the perfect marriage between crisis and opportunity?

digital revolution

The challenges of brands

the financial crises and the decrease in incomes, which lead companies to offer loyalty strategies for a few months

In recent weeks, we have seen the stoic adaptation of resources (human and technological) to the context of COVID-19. The pandemic has required the restructuring of teams, the optimization of communication technologies and the re-creation of business models. Meanwhile, there are the financial crises and the decrease in incomes, which lead companies to offer loyalty strategies for a few months (both at B2B and B2C levels). All this happens on a global scale and at a mind-blowing pace, which creates enormous pressure and everyone, without exception, is affected.  

Which companies/areas are expected to better adapt to the circumstances

It is clear that the more recognition and presence in the public sphere a brand has – namely through a strong online component – the greater the responsiveness and probability of success under the circumstances. Many brands are aware of the importance of the social component, so they also choose to consolidate their connection with their employees and business partners. Furthermore, by arousing attention in times of crisis, they will certainly be the ones remembered once the pandemic passes.  

What brands can offer, whether they are digital or not

There are always ways to keep in touch with your customers, even if virtually. In fact, if ever there was a favorable time for online business this is precisely it. Most people are bored at home, with gadgets in their hands and eyes on the screen. No matter what the business area, any brand can create online opportunities: – Create a website or improve what you already have; – Invest in the social networks of your brand; – Activate a good Remarketing campaign;; – Produce more and better blog content to broadcast your services  

Business opportunities

Start by setting your goals and then the strategy: how can you serve your customer at a distance? What does your company do best? What can you offer at this stage? Furthermore, depending on the nature of each brand, you may think of:

  • online sessions (clinics/coaching/holistic therapies)
  • online classes (courses or workshops of all kinds)
  • consulting (marketing/communication/design/financial area)
  • create a channel of audiovisual content
  • produce a podcast (entertainment/clarification)
  • promote online entertainment events, clarification, support
  • disseminate social solidarity campaigns
  • create or recreate hygiene products
  • propose partnerships with delivery services for those who are unable to move around (in the case of pastry shops, ironing services, etc.)
  • present new offers aimed at customer loyalty (e.g. a restaurant whose daily menu cost X can create a weekly meal package for a lower price)


Local economy

Reviewing our consumer habits and rethinking the regional economy is a major task we are faced with due to this pandemic. By producing and investing locally not only do we increase the region’s economy but we also make our consumption effectively more sustainable, which represents a positive impact in our own community How many of us have literally started throwing seeds to the ground from our balconies and terraces? Thinking of more local business ideas hatching:

  • those who like to cook can now offer catering services with local deliveries. There are families with no time to cook who will be grateful for this service.
  • You can also make bread or granola and create your own brand to be implemented in a few months’ time?
  • How many families need school back-up? Perhaps you can create an online study room for the children and young people in your community.

What some brands are already doing

– Large social networks such as Facebook, TikTok and Spotify have carried out campaigns of entertainment, clarification and solidarity. All these campaigns served to raise funds and support other institutions. – At the educational level, we have universities, schools, foundations, publishers and magazines providing free access to their content. Many also promote interaction and collaboration between all. – There are brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, McDonald’s, Coca Cola or Kappa creating campaigns to encourage social isolation by redesigning their logos.. – Brands related to logistics (e.g. FedEx) have taken on the distribution of food, beverages, medical equipment and other products to those in need. – There are brands (such as Razer, which produces gaming equipment or the Portuguese DGA, which produces automotive parts) that are converting production lines from their factories to produce masks or other hospital equipment. – There are insurers who have created specific insurance plans for professionals at the forefront of the epidemic. – BBC Global News is providing airtime to international health institutions so they can transmit public health messages about coronavirus. – Brands like Skechers have focused their human resources on fundraising to support their employees and partners.  


Among the many changes (some irreversible) the pandemic has altered our patterns of consciousness and consumption, and many things that we thought were impossible are not after all. What choices are you making right now for your business and your team? Where do you want your brand to be in the community? Place the various possible scenarios for your business on the table.   In a few months, when retrospective takes place, you will surely wish you had been up to the challenge. And this can be powered through a strong digital presence.   As far as we are concerned, if there is one thing we have to offer, it is precisely a specialized marketing and communication service oriented towards the digital environment. Count on us to transform this moment of crisis into the ultimate opportunity to bring about change.