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Marta Peral Ribeiro

Marta Peral Ribeiro
– Communication Consultant –

The importance of community management in a brand’s social networks

Relationships between companies and their customers – or potential customers – are changing. And the meeting point is digital, on social networks. Today’s consumers are informed, proactive in giving their opinion and influencing other consumers, creating authentic online communities. Companies, in turn, need someone to represent them and gather their audience at this table -virtual round.

Community manager’s profile

A community manager ideally presents these characteristics:

Active Listening, Empathy and Creativity

To present relevant content to its members, the community managers need to understand their needs. To do this they must listen effectively to be able, in each publication, to answer the questions and even exceed expectations.

Sensitivity and common sense

A lot of caution is needed with what is published, because, we already know, information circulates at the speed of light. The more you breathe the brand values, the more easily you realize what you shouldn’t publish.

Segment Knowledge and Vision

It is essential to dominate the sector in which the brand operates, the competition and the following references. And to detect opportunities for the brand you must also have vision.

General knowledge

Being someone who actively participates in the conversation among members, it is important to be aware of the current and also have some ideas of marketing, communication, sociology, psychology, journalism and public relations.

Ability to analyze

To know the performance of publications and the quality of interaction with community members, you need to understand the data and connect it. Only then can you improve performance. The platforms themselves integrate tools for metrics analysis.


Social networks are constantly changing and adding new features. These changes need to be discovered and adapted quickly to new digital trends and new tools.

Communication skills

It is somewhat evident that, to in order to be responsible for the digital communication of the community of a brand, it is essential to have an excellent writing capacity, without spelling or grammatical errors.

In the early days of community management

Several years ago the forums and communities appeared on the internet, where members shared ideas about a common motivation (e.g. music, video games, cinema, etc.) and someone had the role of moderating this space: the community manager.

Currently there are still forums, but the conversation covers more platforms –social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, blogs, among others. And on these platforms are also the brands and their representatives, namely the social media managers and the community managers.

Being aware of the impact that brand reputation and customer satisfaction have on business growth, many companies are specializing in consumer interaction through social networks. These channels can even serve as customer support.

What is a community manager?

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Source:@takeshi2, Unsplash

From a consumer perspective, when we interact with a company on social media, we expect an answer – especially when we  comment or question  something.

It is the community manager’s responsibility to respond and participate in this dialogue. They are the voice of the brand in the digital sphere, responsible for developing the interaction between the members who relate to it.

Through them, the brand can work on its reputation and also directly or indirectly influence the consumer’s purchasing decision.

Is the community manager the same as the social media manager?

No. But they work in synergy and, depending on the structure of the company, they can accumulate both functions – which is very common in Portugal.

While social media focuses more on the brand and its products, the community manager focuses on people.

Social media is responsible for the presence of the brand at the digital level (which includes strategy, content production, campaign development and performance analysis).

The community manager is an active participant in the conversation between  users of a brand on their social platforms. It encourages debate on networks or forums and seeks to engage and support members.

The responsibilities of the community manager

Here are the main tasks of the community manager:

  • Read all comments and answer user questions;
  • Submit complaints (if they fall within the competence of another department);
  • Collect data and sources for upcoming articles or publications;
  • Analyze trends and pages of the competition;
  • Present and implement actions and campaigns;
  • Prepare metrics reports;
  • Plan content for publications, blogs and newsletters.

Advantages of having a community manager in the company

    1. Brand reputation

When consumers feel listened to and valued, they will have a positive perception of this brand. And that strengthens the connection.

    2. Customer Loyalty

Satisfied customers tend to be loyal to the brand. And better yet, they will recommend it to other consumers, which is always an efficient marketing.

    3. Knowledge of the audience

Satisfied customers tend to be loyal to the brand. And better yet, they will recommend it to other consumers, which is always an efficient marketing.

    4. Increased sales

A brand with a good reputation, with satisfied and loyal customers who recommend others by word of mouth, are factors that contribute, of course, to the increase in sales.

Briefly, the main advantages of having this professional in the company are customer satisfaction, which leads to financial profits.

Resources for community managers

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The Community Round Table

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Social Bakers

Social Bakers is a platform focused on analyzing social media data. It provides a number of statistics, articles, benchmarks and other free resources, which will be an asset for both community and social media managers.

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