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Marta Peral Ribeiro

Marta Peral Ribeiro
– Communication Consultant –

Marketing in Chat Apps

When you think about closer interaction with your customers, do you think about using the same features you already use with your friends and family? If you haven’t thought about it, WhatsApp and Telegram already have.

Marta Peral Ribeiro
– Communication Consultant –

Marketing in Chat Apps

When you think about closer interaction with your customers, do you think about using the same features you already use with your friends and family? If you haven’t thought about it, WhatsApp and Telegram already have.

How we got to marketing on WhatsApp and Telegram

The brands are where your audience is

WhatsApp and Telegram are part of many of our lives. We communicate daily with family and friends through this app’s chat.

The omnichannel digital presence

In 2021 communication between brands and consumers cannot be limited to the website and social platforms. It’s advantageous to be on multiple channels at the same time.

From social networks to chat

If social networks have made the dialogue between brands and consumers closer, adding an App that we use massively to communicate would be the next step.

The algorithm does not wait

Alongside the changes in communication with consumers, it is necessary to follow the algorithm, which is also constantly changing. This requires creativity and innovation on the part of marketers.

Some data worth knowing


  • It was the 2nd most installed App in the world in 2020
  • It has more than 2 billion users in more than 180 countries
  • Allows groups of up to 256 members simultaneously
  • Allows file sharing up to 100 MB
  • In some countries, it is already possible to make payments and send money through the App


  • In 2020 it was among the 10 most downloaded Apps in the world
  • Has over 500 million active monthly users
  • Allows the creation of groups of up to 200,000 people
  • Allows sharing photos, videos, and files up to 2GB each

Thanks to its cloud storage, it requires less than 100 MB of space o the device

Why integrate these Apps into the marketing strategy?

Connection to the public

Focus on customer experience

A report by the Global Web Index and Zeitgeist, prepared in 2020, shows that poor service is the factor that most influences consumers’  purchasing decisions  (60%).

WhatsApp or Telegram chat can be used as a resource for a service of excellence.

To this end, the team responsible for communication on these platforms must be aligned in terms of objectives and tone of voice, so that the interaction is consistent and the customer remains at the center of the action.

gráfico sobre "Consumers are going to hold companies accoutable"Source: Global Web Index

Closer relationship with the public

Instant messaging allows for more familiar interaction with the brand’s audience, strengthening the connection. This is also an opportunity to develop content marketing.

Building a community

By allowing the creation of groups with several individuals, it is possible to develop a community for the brand – which also contributes to its differentiation.

Marketing strategy optimization

Using chatbots

When targeting comments, frequently asked questions (FAQs) arise. In this case, it is worth creating a chatbot that offers automatic replies to multiple users on the same subject.


More personalized offers

An analysis of chat interaction and a careful reading of users’ comments help to get to know them better and give clues about their needs and doubts. Therefore, clarifying the type of offer to be applied.


Mapping the persona

Interactive quizzes (anonymous or not)  or a more or less specific chatbot help identify the persona of the business, which also allows you to improve your marketing strategy.


Differentiating element

The truth is that, in Portugal, there are still not many companies integrating these Apps in their communication, which constitutes an innovative factor, highlighting a brand in the market.


Free apps

Both WhatsApp Business and Telegram are free applications, which represent a huge advantage as a marketing tool. You can try campaigns that, if less successful than expected, will not be so costly in comparison to others with higher costs.


Mobile and web accessibility

Both your business and consumers can access apps from any mobile device or computer. In fact, they can be used simultaneously in both versions.


Android and iOS

Both applications are available for the Android operating system and for iOS (Apple), which allows you to reach all customers.

WhatsApp Business Features

Business profile

Like social networks, it is possible to present a professional profile, with a business description, contacts, and other main information.  In addition, Whatsapp will give the green badge approval that guarantees the brand an official profile via its reputation.

perfil no whatsapp businessSource: mobigyaan

Predefined messages and automatic replies

When there are frequently asked questions (FAQs), you can pre-define an answer.

It also offers automatic replies for when you are away or when a new interaction arises (for example, welcoming a new customer who contacts you). You may also have a product catalog ready to ship when appropriate.

catálogo whatsapp business
Source: Showmetech Corporate

Organization by subject

Through labels, you can target messages and other information exchanged on WhatsApp. This makes it easy to find a message depending on the theme.

Message monitoring

This feature, available in the settings menu, allows you to analyze message performance and get a view of user interaction, including how many messages have been sent and read.

categorias whatsapp business
Source: WhatsApp

Features of Telegram

Cloud storage

Thanks to cloud information storage, the App requires little space on your smartphone or whatever device you have installed. And, of course, it allows synchronized access to information from different devices.


Telegram declares itself to be more secure and more private than other Apps due to the MTProto protocol and encryption used in the user-server and user-to-user relationship.



logo telegram

Message pin

Important messages can be pinned at the top of the screen so that all members (including newcomers) can see them.

Group video calls

You can make voice calls or video calls to 1000 users at the same time, making it possible to demonstrate products for multiple people and conferences, for example.

Source: TechTudo

Groups and channels

Another interesting feature of Telegram has to do with channels and groups.

Channel – This allows you to send messages to an unlimited number of users and know the number of views, including the resending of those messages. In addition, messages follow on behalf of the channel (not the user, as is the case in WhatsApp).

Groups – may be public or secret; you can keep the history accessible to new members and highlight an important message by pinning it at the top of the chat.

Video messages

What if instead of presenting yourself (or a product) through a message, you sent a video of the high-resolution snapshot? Video messages allow you to communicate quickly and dynamically without overloading the gallery.

video mensagensSource: Telegram


Kia Portugal bet on WhatsApp Business to boost car sales and to increase brand visibility.

Through the App, anyone has a “DigitalGenius” at their disposal, that is, a commercial manager to show the products and services available (including by video call), clarify doubts, and mediate the sale of a car.

On the other hand, Kia also intends to integrate campaigns with digital influencers whose goal is to promote Kia Vibe – the e-commerce platform where the customer can purchase a car. Yes, all through the internet.

whatsapp business kia


The use of WhatsApp and Telegram, two Apps that are part of our daily lives, for commercial purposes bring, as we have seen, several benefits for brands.

Through them, it is possible to approach the customer, to have an improved marketing plan and a very efficient economic relationship compared to other communication channels.

As for the strategy to be applied, it can be divided into two major areas: campaigns and customer support. Each with different objectives, be it brand awareness or personalized customer follow-up.

Finally, there is nothing like exploring all the features offered by both WhatsApp Business and Telegram, as these are undoubtedly two resources to think about should the possibility exist within the structure of the organization.