Quality assessment

Reports JellyCode

Without fear, we measure everything we do and subject ourselves to the evaluation of our Customers.

We believe that a continuous evaluation procedure keeps us vigilant and diligent, at the same time as it constitutes a credible model of our performance evaluated by all clients, as opposed to the “customer testimonial” model that relies only on the contribution of a group of satisfied customers.

We therefore show you the variables commonly considered to be the most relevant in the “sales” and “Operations (project management)” dimensions.

The data shown here, come from quality surveys completed by our customers. This data is updated in real time as the surveys are completed. If you are our customer and will fill out the quality questionnaire now, you will see that these charts will present the new data immediately.

See you soon!


Project Management

The data presented is updated in real time and result from surveys completed by our clients of web and mobile application development projects, websites, graphic design + UI / UX, digital marketing and multimedia.

These surveys do not include customer support services. To know these results, click here.