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Shopping in Alvalade at a distance of click!

Considered the most “Lisbon” area of the city, Alvalade offers all the necessary requirements to have fun, enjoy gastronomy, art and culture. It is not by chance that it was considered the coolest neighborhood in Lisbon by “Time Out”. Now, have the entire neighborhood shops at a click away!

The Alvalade Neighborhood App – signed by Jelly – is a complete guide to the area and aims to be “the great digital showcase of commerce”. You can consult information about 150 businesses in Alvalade. The app indicates opening times, payment methods, direct contact with commerce and many other utilities that are available for Android and iOS devices.

The app is a success and has even been news in some reference publications such as “Time Ou” magazine and the newspaper “O Publico”.

It’s always good to have our work praised in the media.

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