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Google promoted another event oriented for gaining potential customers, carried out at the headquarters of JELLYCODE in Sintra. The event was led by two speakers from Google Portugal: Manuel Salvaterra (Market Lead & Agency Development Manager) and Dora Martins (Associate Account Strategist – Global Customer Experience), who had the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with our attendees covering the following topics:

  • Part 1
    • how to find more clients?
    • how to highlight my business on such a huge market?
    • How will I increase sales and grow my business?
  • Part 2
    • Google tools to drive business opportunities
      • Search Network
      • Google Display Network
    • Take advantage from mobile phones

Jellycode event Google PartnerGoogle Partners Connect event occurred at Jellycode with the participation of our dear customers and partners : Neusa Miguens (Scopphu), Pedro Monteiro (ARTBID – Leilões de Arte online), Paula Pereira (DefineLight), Paulo Fróis (Dupla Design) and Rita Gonçalves (Ingrediente Gourmet).