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my.jellyfit.pt – one plan, all services.

The increasing adoption by companies in Portugal of JellyFIT multi services plan, has quickly turned into an urgent matter to develop a tool through which our client could visualize in a simple, detailed and transparent manner the consumption of their service plan. This tool is my.jellyfit.pt application, from which the plan users access to relevant and real-time information, such as: units and services consumption per month, the balance of units available every time, activity reports (tasks in progress and closed), among many other features that satisfy the most demanding users.

The service delivery model as you know it, has changed.

Yes, this statement is true and widely recognized by our Fit customers. The service model provided under JellyFIT plan started by breaking some stereotypes that we all have been assuming as standard and acceptable ones, just because they are practiced by most businesses.

Some examples?
1. Broader range of services – the JellyFIT is not a “service package” limited to a “features list” included. It is rather a free plan, which gives you access to all services provided by JellyCode (see that here) within a balance of units (monthly or annual), unlimited “features”.
2. Penalty for excess consumption – not agreed to penalize a customer who exceeded the consumption of your plan. Not least because the words “penalize” and “client” does not combine well together … Thus, the JellyFIT customer will pay the excess (if any, of course) according to the unit price which has already been contracted. No more, no less.
3. Loyalty plan – multi JellyFIT services plan does not require the mandatory minimum period of stay (loyalty). Our client is free to terminate the plan at any time simply by notifying us 15 to 30 days in advance (depending on whether the mode is monthly or yearly). Customer loyalty only sign if you want to benefit from a better price or ensured greater balance of credit units.
4. Fair value – the JellyFIT plan does not serve “time packages” because it is not fair. Each service type corresponds a certain amount of charging units. For example: 1 hour support is cheaper than one hour of web design, such as one hour of web design is cheaper than one hour of web development. The plan is therefore charged on your balance, depending on the service that is effectively provided.
JellyFIT multi services plan succeeds because it makes sense.

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