The grand finale of the DENON DJ Contest took place Saturday, July 21st 2012, in the Art Club nightclub in Lisbon, where the big winner was founf: DJ Blaize (Frederico Franco).

JELLYCODE was represented by (from left to right): Hugo Costa (Project Manager), Bruno Santos (Creative Dir.), Gonçalo Malho (CEO) and Miguel Ramos (Multimedia). This was a night of great fun and filled with great performances from the four talented DJ’s finalists, who led the crowd alight with sets of great musical level. Paulo Di-Light – DJ Trainer at Pro-DJ, managed and conducted the entire event with a great sense of professionalism.

The first place was disputed between the four DJ’s finalists:

  1. BlaiZe (1st place),
  2. MassiveChild (2nd place),
  3. Snoop (3rd place),
  4. LukeGlass (4th place)

Gonçalo Malho na entrega de prémios do DENON DJ ContestDJ´s finalistas do DENON DJ Contest Prémios