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Web design responsivo - jellycode 800pxResponsive Web Design

The increasing number of mobile users such as iPhone, iPad and other smartphones or tablets, have created a new requirement in the web design industry: websites should be adapted to these smaller size devices.

We build fully responsive websites, promoting good reading and easier navigation. Contact Us or if you wish Request a Quote for your Mobile Project.



Mobile Marketing

Google introduced mobile responsive websites as new quality factor for AdWords campaigns. As a result of this innovation, adds that are optimized for a mobile a website will perform better in AdWords – these adds will generate more traffic at a lower cost.

New web standards for mobile devices.

Since the launch os the new HTML5, CSS3 e jQuery standards, new opportunity windows have arised under web development.

Until then, most websites were using Flash®. Today, Flash® technology has been strongly discontinued mainly due to Apple`s blocking on iPhone and iPad (allegedly because of its unstable and slow performance).

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