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Search Engine Marketing services (SEM) is the use of marketing techniques and resources to promote the visibility of websites in Search Engines. SEM may include optimizing your site, submitting your site to directories, getting your site indexed by search engines, managing pay-per-click campaigns, writing and distributing optimized press releases and articles, using blogs and RSS, marketing via an affiliate program, driving traffic via social networks and much more.


Search Engine Marketing  works primarily outside the website, using techniques and resources as paid ads, indexing, e-mail marketing campaigns, social networks, among others.

Gestão de Anúncios Patrocinados – Google Adwords

JellyCode is a Google Engage partner that delivers strong skills and experience on Search Engine Marketing strategies. With the right search engine marketing plan, you can help put your Web site where the people can see it. Most people don’t go past the first few results of a search engine query simply because there are too many options that prevent them from looking further.

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