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Optimização Motores Pesquisa Search Engine Optimization (on-page)

Your website on top 10 of the main search engines.

Optimização Motores Busca

There is a blend of science and art in Search Engine Optimization, which leaves very little room for chance.

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, leading to a constant pursuit for knowledge about them. Our SEO services begin with a thorough and detailed audit to your website’s characteristics Vs. your competitors, identifying which variables contribute the most for the best visibility of your website.

SEO services

[list icon=”icon-ok-sign”] focus keywords identification,[/list]
[list icon=”icon-ok-sign”] SEO audit – website and landing pages analysis, according with the defined keywords,[/list]
[list icon=”icon-ok-sign”] on-page implementation of the SEO technics that will strive for a better positioning of the website on major web search engines.[/list]
[list icon=”icon-ok-sign”] performance SEO reports.[/list]
[list icon=”icon-ok-sign”] monitoring, management and updates / corrections to the website’s code, looking for a good positioning performance.[/list]

Google adwords campaigns management

ensure website’s visibility, boosting its popularity.

google adwords logoJellyCode is a Google Engage partner that delivers knowledge, experience and the resources required to carry out successful campaigns.

Main features

  • [list icon=”icon-ok-sign”]Visibility – your add is visible in the header or in the sidebar of search results (configurable),[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-ok-sign”]Relevance – the add will only be shown under related business queries, negative keywords management,[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-ok-sign”]Target segmentation – broadcast your add to targeted people. We’ll manage the right segmentation for you (campaign(s) location, schedules, channels, etc.,[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-ok-sign”]Positioning – choosing the best placement for your campaign,[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-ok-sign”]Controlled PPC (Pay per click)- stop waisting money. We optimize and manage the most profitable PPC,[/list]
  • [list icon=”icon-ok-sign”]Measurable results – you’ll get permanent reports containing full detail of every aspect of your campaign(s).[/list]


Not sure? Google gives you a push

60€ are on the house, after you spend 20€ on the first campaign.

Web Search Engine Marketing (off-page)

strategies & supports to promote your website’s visibility.

analytics-manNot everything depends on the code of your website to be more or less search engine’s friendly. The environment (competition, popularity, etc) brings a lot of variables that can influence positively or negatively the website’s positioning.

Search Engine Marketing services (SEM) stands for the implementation of marketing techniques and supports to promote the visibility of websites on major Search Engines results.

Off-page optimization services

Mainly focuses on external factors to the website, such as: sponsored listings, e-mail marketing campaigns, press releases, social networking, blogs, and other media.

SEO Analytics

SEO Analytics

JellyCode offers professional and certified expertise, including cut-of-the-edge technology that offers Audit & Optimization reports for all the main search engines, all over the world.

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